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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) The School is up to what level?

Ans: The School is from Class I to Class XII.

Q.2) When was the school established?

Ans: The school started functioning on 1st June 2001.

Q.3) In what way is Bharati Vidyapeeth, Balewadi different from other schools?

Ans: At Bharati Vidyapeeth , Balewadi , students are taught to take up challenges and be self-reliant and confident. The students get exposure at such level that widens their vision and prepares them to take on the world. We follow the Learn-by-doing method of education which encourages the children to ask, discover, experiment and even make mistakes and learn from them. We are recruiting and retraining the best teachers, offer a safe environment to stimulate multiple intelligences, the best infrastructure and sport facilities.

Q.4) Are parents allowed to take a tour of the school? What are the timings?

Ans: Bharati Vidyapeeth , Balewadi welcomes all parents to take a tour of the school with prior appointment.

Q.5) Which Board does the school follow?

Ans: The school is affiliated to the CBSE board.

Q.6) What is the admission procedure?

Ans: The Admission Form can be collected from the school. After collecting the form, registration has to be done at the school.

Q.7) What are the documents required during registration?

Ans: There will be a written test for students seeking admission to Class I onwards. From Class I-V, admission test is taken in curricular subjects namely English and Maths and for V and above, in English, Maths and Science, based on the syllabus in the previous class. Only those candidates who clear the written test will be called for an interaction along with their parents.

Q.8) Shall I have to pay separately for my ward to avail all facilities?

Ans: All facilities availed and co-curricular activities in school hours are included in the fee structure mentioned above. However, special sports coaching etc after school, which is optional, is chargeable.

Q.9) What is the teacher-student ratio for each class?

Ans: The teacher-student ratio of each class is 1:40.

Q.10) Does the school provide transport for students? If yes, what are the safety measures for the students in the buses?

Ans: Yes, transportation facilities are available for the students. A large fleet of buses ply from and to all major locations across the city. The buses are equipped with regulation safety measures in case of emergencies. Members of the staff are always present in the buses to ensure safety of the children.

Q.11) What is the evaluation system of the school?

Ans: The academic year is divided into two semester term and students are evaluated on the basis of their academic performance throughout the year, through weekly tests and other internal assessments. There are two end semester examinations along with continuous internal evaluation. The teachers do continuous and comprehensive evaluation. Class teachers keep up-to-date records of all students. Quarterly reports reflect the average scores of every class and subject.

Q.12) Is there too much pressure of homework?

Ans: No, we don't believe in burdening a child with loads of homework but encourage them to finish lessons in the class itself. However, some amount of homework is given which the child will be able to attempt on their own.

Q.13) Does the school have any boarding/ hostel facility?

Ans: The school does not provide boarding/ hostel facility.

Q.14) What is the calendar year?

The School calendar year is from 1st April to 31st march.

Q.15) What is the school timing?

8.25a.m. – 3.00p.m.

Q.16) Is the School Co-educational?

Yes, the School is Co-educational.

Q.17) In what way will the activities of the school help the Scholars to grow?

We do not believe in the concept of “Chalk and Talk”. Exposure to different activities makes the Scholars creative, independent, self-reliant and confident. They are better prepared to be good citizens and useful members of the society.

Q.18) Where do you lay more emphasis i.e. on Academics or Games?

For holistic development of the child, a fine balance between the two is maintained and strictly adhered to. Academics are given foremost importance but at the same time Scholars have to participate in a game of their choice and the rich e-library opens many doors of learning to them.

Q.19) What is the medium of instructions?

The medium of instructions is English.

Q.20) Is the School only for Hindus?

The School has students coming from various religions like Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians. All the students are encouraged to practice their own religion in their own way.
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