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Mission Statement

Our Pledge

To inculcate and nurture a sense of pride in being an Indian, tempered with the spirit of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam".

Our Goal

To meet the challenges in the stream that of communication technology, globalization and value development.

Our Objectives

To view the child as a constructor of knowledge to catch them young and inculcate inherent values of wisdom and culture.

Our Commitment

  • To build a cohesive society on Pillars of relevance, equity and excellence by imparting indigenous knowledge.
  • To impart the skills of "Learning how to learn" and "Art of healthy and Productive Living".
  • To provide elective education with learners friendly, error free, responsive and transparent evaluation system.

Our Dream

To nurture and sustain multiple talents and creativity among all learners in all spheres of learning at earliest opportunity in the galaxy of world.

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